Australia news live: Queensland to cut all public transport trips to 50c in six-month trial … We shall see! With my friend from Bavaria at Fingal Heads | Great Day | Credit phb Screenshot | AI Prompt Credit phb |Sydney Light Festival Humanity My Mother on Sat 25 May 2024 singing with her 4 younger sisters in Holstein | Credit phb

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Family First

Who would you like to talk to soon? My mother and my two sisters in Northern Germany and my son and grandson and my best friends .. just booked my annual flight to the True North of Germany, between Baltic and North Sea and Hamburg and Denmark. Nothing like Homecomings once per year .. if possible. From Gold Coast in QLD with our best wishes and kind regards Yours Peter and Maria Ines Linked Update on Fri at 15:52 Local Time 24 May 2024 My Brother Jens | Family First | Credit phb In Aachen 2022 | Credit phb Listen to Beethoven via ABC Australia Classic 2 Linked My Mother (middle) with her sisters singing | Credit phb |Dated Sat 25 May 2024. We are Family | Sat 25 May 2024 my Mother with her 4 Sisters and their children and partners | Credit phb With my happy mother summer 2023 | Credit phb

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KI und USA

In a disturbing appeal, 25 renowned scientists warn of the advancing self-intelligence of artificial intelligence. This could soon act autonomously and pursue its own goals, manipulate algorithms and direct biological weapons, according to the journal "Science" (background information here). On Tuesday, the EU passed a law for more transparency in the use of artificial intelligence (via dpa). Experts believe that without effective control of AI, the world could soon spiral irreversibly out of control. However, this is also to be feared with the human intelligence currently in use. And soon means the day after tomorrow … The development of drones is an example of what war robots will look like - This is only the Beginning … For sure! Science fiction has already depicted all this very vividly: Novels and film - SOMA like Netflix and Amazon and more … ====++++==== German Version (Original Posting) |Screenshot| Created with Meta Instagram | Vivid Sydney 2024 | prompted by phb Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the image I generated. I was aiming to create a vibrant and dynamic piece that captures the essence of the "Humanity" theme. The explosion of light represents the boundless potential and creativity that arises when we come together as humans, and the colors symbolize diversity, inclusivity, and the beauty of our collective experiences. Thank you for your kind words, and I'm happy to have been…

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How do you balance work and home life? Having retired after 40 years of hard work, I only work from home. Trying to finish my daily tasks by 2pm. Then I only do what I like doing until the next day! Credit phb with Stephan at Fingal Heads NSW Free views now from our Deck | Credit phb Before | Credit phb

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Ceterum censeo …

Gelesen auf der Website aus Berlin: Cicero dot de Teile ich als Anregung, und nicht im Ganzen meine Meinuung, weil es immer zu differenzieren gilt: Was ist angemessen Cui Bono Vorbilder Zeitgeist Die gute alte Vorbildfunktion (From Website Cicero) see above - quoted: ... "Das meine ich dann auch, wenn ich weiter oben schreibe, dass man die Debatte über die Beauty-Ausgaben der Bundesaußenministerin – und überhaupt jede Debatte über jeden Euro, den die Bundesregierung irgendwohin überweist – in einem größeren Kontext betrachten muss. Anders formuliert: Es ist schlicht unglaubwürdig, wenn man in Medien und Politik den Verzicht predigt, aber so tut, als seien 137.000 Euro für eine Visagistin oder 180.000 Euro für einen Fotografen, finanziert vom Steuerzahler, nur eine kaum relevante Randnotiz.  Und weil dem so ist, fällt mir am Ende dieses Beitrags meine Mutter wieder ein. Bevor die sich einen neuen Hosenanzug von der Stange oder einen günstigen Lippenstift vom Drogeriemarkt kaufte, wurde erstmal der Kühlschrank gefüllt, dafür gesorgt, dass daheim alles läuft und sauber ist, dass es den eigenen Kindern an nichts mangelt und alle Rechnungen bezahlt sind. Schon deshalb, weil sie mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen wollte. Mittlerweile ist meine Mutter 62 Jahre jung und hat ein neues Hobby für sich entdeckt: Sie strickt den Großteil ihrer Klamotten jetzt einfach selbst – und sieht, wenn sie aus dem Haus geht, immer noch blendend aus." Interested? More via my Blogs…

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Family Day

Credit phb Another successful Family Day at the bilingual Casa Da Vovo Burleigh … More photos via Facebook Maria Ines. Today rain here at the Gold Coast. Credit phb Credit phb My wife Maria Ines is a professional art teacher with a degree from Rio De Janeiro, in 1998 she retired at the Gold Coast after her daughter married a true blue Aussie from NSW. We both met in 2004 and started our Third Life first in the North of Germany, then back in Australia in 2012, finding our new home in Burleigh. Maria managed to convince her 4 daughters to come to the Gold Coast as well, following her intuition and establishing her dream: Live in a safe and beautiful community with a lot of social connections Family First Children are our joy and pleasure and Hope Of The Future: We continue to live in our children and grandchildren, as true love will never fade … Mark Knopfler In our house - we call it home and we share - laughter and joy and pleasure are the gist. Education and Music and Arts. With our warm greetings from the Gold Coast Kindly yours Maria Ines and Peter Linked Updated on Thu 16 May 2024 Music Is The Language And melody and rhythm as well … Leonard Cohen Dance Me To The End Of Love. Linked My Mother and four Aunties…

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Mother’s Day

Maria Ines first time ever to celebrate with her 4 daughters at the Gold Coast The Queen in Queensland Maria Ines | Credit phb Mother’s Day 2024 | Credit phb Credit phb Maria Ines and her Kiddies Casa Da Vovo Burleigh Facebook | Credit phb

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Nothing left to lose …

What does freedom mean to you? Watch the Jonny Cash 1996 Show at the Kennedy Centre with Bill Clinton and Hillary and good old Jonny moved to tears … With Kris Kristofferson and others like his daughter and Emmylou Harris. Chorus Hallelujah at the end I‘ ll fly away I walk the line Linked And as Music Is The Language The Highwaymen, Sweden 1992 With Cash & Kristofferson Linked

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Dropping flares from a jet to a helicopter is a tactical maneuver that serves a specific purpose in military aviation. Countermeasures Against Heat-Seeking Missiles: Flares are used as countermeasures to defend against heat-seeking surface-to-air or air-to-air missiles that are fired at planes and helicopters. When an enemy missile is launched, it homes in on the heat signature emitted by the aircraft's engines or afterburners. The flares serve as decoys by burning at thousands of degrees Celsius, which is much hotter than the exhaust heat from the aircraft's engines. By deploying flares, the aircraft attempts to divert the missile away from the actual target (the aircraft) and toward the heat source (the flares). How It Works: When a missile is detected, the pilot releases a flare dispenser that ejects several flares. These flares burn brightly, creating a false heat signature that attracts the missile. Ideally, the missile locks onto the flares instead of the aircraft, allowing the aircraft to evade the threat. Safety and Professionalism: The recent incident involving a Chinese fighter jet detonating flares close to an Australian Navy helicopter was deemed unsafe and unprofessional by the Australian Defence Department. The Chinese fighter released flares along the flight path of the Australian helicopter, posing a risk to both the aircraft and personnel. The Australian government expressed its concerns to China, emphasizing the need for professional and safe military operations. Remember, flares…

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Einer wird gewinnen - und ich weiss nach einer Woche Arbeit: Es wird nicht der Bambus sein ... A long fight, but a real Warrior never gives in ... And as I am neither playing Golf nor do I go fishing ... Working in the garden is for me meditation and more ... Think first, then act. What makes you laugh?Peter H fighting against Invasive Bamboo in his Gold Coast Garden Just thought about Nietzsche and his sad ending - hugging a horse. He was looking into the eyes of the horse, and he noticed some hidden sadness there. As the horse was not able to respond, Nietzsche hugged the horse. He knew about Body Language. Then he fell silent for good. Because Silence is Golden. Music Is The Language: But Silenve is golden. Reden ist Silber - Schweigen ist Gold. Kindly yours from QLD in OZ Peter and Maria Ines Find my Profile on Microsoft LinkedIn. Linked Understanding Kafka via SZ App - Linked Bamboo Roots | Credit phb Casa Da Vovo Burleigh | Bilingual | Facebook | Credit phb Updated on Tue 7 May 2024 by Author Peter H Bloecker Linked Freier Blick } Nachbar | Credit phb Invasive Bamboo Screen | Credit phb Author: P H Bloecker Last update Sat 11 May 2024 Last round and Day 7 | Credit phb And as Music Is The Language ……

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