On this website, I will document my daily Beach walks from our house in Burleigh QLD along the most beautiful northern and southern shores, trying to imagine what this area was like hundreds of years before it became the Gold Coast of today.

And why is it called Gold Coast anyway? I will link some websites so that visitors of the Southern Gold Coast can easily follow my footsteps walking and driving north of Burleigh into Miami and south into Palm Beach and beyond Currumbin into Coolangatta and the QLD border.


“Two young men who had been companions for some time and were on friendly terms with the natives were among the newcomers. They were Edmund Harper and William Duncan. A rafting ground was first established at the mouth of Little Tallebudgera Creek. Later Edmund Harper made his home there to which he brought his mother. Harper and Duncan remained together in the district, and associating with the natives, could speak the dialects of the Tweed and Nerang tribes so well that the locals could not tell from their speech that they were not of the tribes.”


Today (Sunday, 23 August 2020) I passed the bridge over the Tallebudgera Creek heading south, on my right the view into the Hinterland and between some hills the top of Mount Warning like a pointer, on my left the mouth of the creek and the surf of the ocean:

What a place to be!

The aboriginal ancestors must have been very happy to roam these ocean shores and live from the fish and plants of this area, enjoying the warm sun and the crystal clear water from the ocean without being washed away by the surf. I wonder what boats they had! And could they swim?

BLEACH Festival 2020 in Burleigh Park



Walking left along the beach I find the OutRiggers and imagine, they must have been designed like the aboriginal vessels found in this area.


One of my favourites in the Brisbane area is Moreton Island, which is mostly a National Park.

QLD National Parks Website LINK Moreton Island

Camping – Maps Moreton

Download Maps PDF

In October 2018 I revisited Moreton Island – not far from Brisbane, an island you can only access by vessel and 4 WD, as there are no roads.

What you do is stay a few days away from civilisation and from city life just gettig back to the basics of Being … who you are!

Arriving at Moreton Island by barge from Brisbane Harbour


Here are my impressions in three little Vimeo videos:



LINK – Brisbane area and South East Queensland | Live2Camp with Matt Bloomfield

Peter Ludlow has researched and published books about the Moreton Bay area, Deception Bay and Moreton Island.

His History Of Moreton Bay is available in print and via his Worpress Blog: Thank you, Peter Ludlow, allowing me to link to your website! Peter wrote with Robin Kleinschmidt: QLD’s GERMAN CONNECTIONS, edited by Matthew Tesch – GACCQ – FB Site

Second LINK  – The History of Moreton Bay – written and published by Peter Ludlow – his Profile here.

Third LINK about the book project from Hamburg, Germany to Moreton Bay, QLD.

Fraser Island on Fire / Dec 2020

The Flag

The man behind the iconic flag now free for all Australians: Who is Harold Thomas?

Harold Thomas has agreed to transfer copyright of the Aboriginal flag to the Commonwealth in a deal that finally democratises the most recognisable emblem of Aboriginal Australia. So who is the man that created the symbol? Read the full story

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