“So we keep such notions to ourselves, we widows.”

Read the whole Letter written by Margaret Atwood in the Guardian. Linked Culture Webchats with Margaret Atwood Linked More about the author on Wikipedia Margaret Atwood Margaret Atwood is a Canadian author, poet, and literary critic who has achieved worldwide recognition for her works. She has written more than 50 books, including novels, poetry collections, and non-fiction works. Atwood is best known for her feminist and dystopian themes in her works, which often explore themes of power, gender, and identity. This assignment will delve into Margaret Atwood's life, literary career, and major works. Margaret Atwood's Life: Margaret Atwood was born on November 18, 1939, in Ottawa, Canada. Her parents were Carl Atwood, an entomologist, and Margaret Dorothy, a nutritionist. She spent most of her childhood in the wilderness of northern Quebec and Ontario, which influenced her writing. Atwood attended the University of Toronto, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 1961 and a Master's degree in English in 1962. She later pursued a doctorate at Harvard University but left before completing her degree. Margaret Atwood's Literary Career: Margaret Atwood began her literary career as a poet, publishing her first collection, "Double Persephone," in 1961. She continued to publish poetry throughout her career, with notable collections including "The Circle Game" (1966), "The Journals of Susanna Moodie" (1970), and "The Door" (2007). Atwood also gained critical acclaim as a…

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Ethics & Metaverse (RMA)

RMA Linked (Catriona Wallaca, Sydney Australia)  Louis Rosenberg on immersive Higher Education and Metaverse Linked Visit the Iteacher in Metaverse Museum Linked Microsoft introduces Copilot in the USA, integrating ChatGTP into the Office Apps … This is an amazing step into the future of AI and Work. Watch the recent demo here … Linked Updated Thu 23 Mar 2023 by phb.

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Had to sell my Vintage 1974 BMW a few years ago, just have some photos in my archive and my memories between 1988 and 2015. BMW | Credit phb But glad I was able to buy myself a 2nd hand Suzuki 1000 Strom: Good bike for the Gold Coast Hinterland & more ….You will find updates and photos from time to time …. Kindly yours from the Gold Coast (Retired not tired) Yours Peter H Bloecker Credit phb The seemingly endless Gold Coast beaches are still a miracle for me, walking there morning after morning to enjoy the early hours when waking up around 6am or so - no coffee and no bite, just walking for about 5km to my favourite Cafe at Hedges and then 5 km back, often in the house shade now in summer, getting very hot around 8am. Most people here walk their dogs around 7am before starting a busy day at work, which ends with heavy traffic after school and again before 6pm. Heading north the M1 I cross the Brisbane River and visit the charming town of Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland for a scenic 2 or 3 day trip. Passing the awe-inspiring Glasshouse Mountains, I do enjoy the delicious local food and wine at night or drink a Pale from the TAP in the local old pubs. And if there, include Brouhaha, the…

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Quarks & ChatGPT & Bob Blume … Youtube

Tja ... da sind wir also jetzt angelangt - Thank God & finally ... Kurzfassung: Wer also bisher gedacht hat, es gehe bei BILDUNG um ein Auswendiglernen und nachbeten im Sinne des Papageien, der hat sich schliesslich und endlich geirrt, ein folgenschwerer Irrtum, den jede Lehrkraft seit 50 Jahren oder mehr immer wieder versucht hat zu bekaempfen .... Meist vergeblich ... vermute ich als alter weisser Lehrer!!!! Ich muss lernen ... sieht sehr schlicht gesagt ganz anders aus!!! Ich muss lernen zu verstehen und nicht nachplappern, was Lehrer oder Vater / Mutter oder Erwachsene so sagen ...oder gar reden!!! Hier ein sehr gutes Video zum ChatBot, 15:52 Minuten, die sich lohnen ... Sagt Bob BLUME und das sagt auch CHAT, der Bot ... Linked (Youtube) Mehr dazu auf dem Kanal QUARKS ... From Gold Coast in QLD Australia with our best wishes Yours Peter and Maria Ines From Youtube Quarks copied: KI-Tools wie ChatGPT sind darauf ausgelegt, große Datenmengen zu verarbeiten und natürlich wirkende Antworten auf menschliche Fragen zu liefern. Auch auf Nachfragen kann das System antworten und so jedem User genau das liefern, was er braucht. Aber die KI ist keine Intelligenz im klassischen Sinne. ChatGPT “weiß” nicht wirklich, was er schreibt. Er liefert am Ende „nur“ eine Ansammlung von Wörtern, die er nach Wahrscheinlichkeit ausgewählt hat. Künstliche Intelligenz wird trotzdem einen großen Einfluss auf die Gesellschaft und das Bildungswesen…

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Film Review OZ Films

www.filmcritic.com.au/reviews/l/looking_for_alibrandi.html OZ film review: Looking for Alibrandi …. Setting is Sydney 2000 (Year of the Olympics). 23 years ago produced, this film goes to show how much Australia has changed within a quarter of a century! 4 out of 5 stars … for sure! Now on SBS On Demand via App From OZ yours P H Bloecker Book Review Goodreadsphb Credit Linked

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