Biculture | What about Germans in Australia? My idea in short, why not follow these Blogs about cross - cultural encounters and work on this mutually improving understanding and the problems and difficulties in general? Or better in a more positive way: Why not share experiences and beauties of feeling good in an environment outside your comfort zones? Give it a go ... Just contact me once interested! From Australia truly Northern With my best wishes Yours Peter H Bloecker Access more here ... Linked Arriving in Australia in the late 1850-ies Holtermann Linked Linked Goethe - Institut Australia

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If you could meet a historical figure, who would it be and why? Goethe

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Gesagt, aber nicht so gemeint … Auch die Aussage von Precht, er sei offenbar falsch verstanden worden, ist hier nur eine Ausrede, jeder kann anders verstehen, als ein Sender sendet! Das ist Grundwissen seit Schulz von Thun, Kommunikation mit vier Ohren Modell. Hoeren ist grundsaetzlich Rezeption: Das habe ich zwar gesagt, aber anders gemeint, ist in der Regel eine billige Ausrede! Eine Frau als dumme Ziege zu bezeichnen oder gar schlimmer, kann nicht zurueckgenommen werden. Einen Mann als Luegner zu bezeichnen, dann sagen, das habe ich so nicht gemeint, ist eine billige Ausrede. Also erst denken, dann reden ...

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Dylan One of the best of his albums ever produced | Music Is The Languge Visions of Johanna is a brilliant song from Blonde on Blonde. It is widely considered as one of Bob Dylan's finest compositions, and one of the greatest songs of all time. It is a complex and poetic song, full of vivid and surreal imagery, that explores the themes of love, longing, and art. It is also a song that has been interpreted and analyzed by many critics and fans, who have found different meanings and layers in its lyrics. The song is composed of six verses, each with a different rhyme scheme and meter, and a chorus that repeats the line "The ghost of 'lectricity howls in the bones of her face". The song is sung in the first person, by a narrator who is in a room with Louise and her lover, but who is obsessed with another woman, Johanna. The narrator contrasts the mundane and frustrating reality of his situation with the idealized and elusive vision of Johanna, who represents his artistic and spiritual muse. The song also features various characters and references, such as the Mona Lisa, the peddler, the fiddler, and Little Boy Lost, who add to the richness and ambiguity of the song. The song is also notable for its musical arrangement, which features a harmonica, an acoustic guitar, a bass,…

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Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury …. BBC Website Culture. "Vain trifles as they seem, clothes have, they say, more important offices than merely to keep us warm. They change our view of the world and the world's view of us." So wrote Virginia Woolf in her 1928 novel Orlando, about a young nobleman who lives for several centuries, changing sex along the way. Britishness and Ways of Change. Orlando British Culture

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Liebe statt Hass

Wenn Sie ein nettes Gespräch mit Ihrem Barista in Ihrem Stammcafé führen, werden Sie das Lokal mit ziemlicher Sicherheit besser gelaunt verlassen. Wenn Sie viele dieser Interaktionen erleben, werden Sie, das haben Studien gezeigt, zu einem freundlicheren Menschen. In der Wissenschaft sprechen wir von einer Steigerung des prosozialen Verhaltens. Das heißt, dass Werte wie Großzügigkeit, Vertrauen, Bescheidenheit und ein Gefühl der Verbundenheit zu Ihren Mitmenschen wachsen. Diese Werte werden ebenso in einer gesunden klassischen Beziehung gestärkt.

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