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Having retired, I will list a few topics here I am working on or dealing with at present, which is 2022.

I do not mention reading and working in my backyard or blogging, however I tend not to spend more than 60 minutes on Social Media and 3 to 4 hours on the internet per day.

I am still reading printed newspapers and printed books I find for free or I buy them second hand.

I have given away nearly 90 % of my most precious real books or distributed them among my friends.

All my books on Education or teaching German or English if not literature have mostly gone to the bin or into fire or landfill.

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Baking Rye Bread myself …

As the bakers here in Australia are more or less Weissbrot Bäcker, I have started to bake my own bread now! More to come soon …

My German App is Chefkoch.

I am cooking myself, normally 3 to 4 times a week. My wife Maria Ines cooks as well. We like some restaurants around our home at the Gold Coast, but rather are eating out when on the move, at home we prefer to cook ourselves.

Baking My Rye Bread | phb

Our beach house is situated only 600m from one of the most iconic beaches of the world at the Gold Coast with the South Pacific Ocean.

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Looking East we would reach New Zealand. Driving north along the M1 we would reach Cairns after driving 1750km.

Driving south we would reach Sydney after 990 km and the border of NSW after 12 km.

Driving west we get into the most beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland with its rain forests and mountains and small villages and country townships and many farms. Very green and a lot of wildlife and horses and cows.

One of our camping weekends about 120km west from the beaches | phb

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Walking in the mornings about 10km per day or 50km per week

My Third Life in Australia

Polynesia | Screenshot phb

My Bread

My Sourdough

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Text will follow … this presentation was published May 2022 by Arno A Evers and his multinational team …

Can Hydrogen solve our Energy Crisis?

More to come soon …

Phb is Fan of Apples
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