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I am blogging about Education and Life Skills and more …

My big topics of life are education, upbringing and learning without end!

My thanks to all the TEACHERS who took care of me, did not simply overlook me – perceived and accepted me as a person. In high school and at the university. My father was the first and only local teacher for four long years, far away from Itzehoe in Holstein. The school bus passed our farming village at 06:50 – in winter and in summer. The village school with 9 classes and one teacher was located in a dead-end street that ended in a dirt road with puddles. There were two cars in the village in 1956, an old Mercedes 180 and a VW with the number IZ V 19.

In 1960 I was the first and only student in the village who was allowed to attend the high school in the district town.

There were two high schools there, the Kaiser – Karl – Schule and the Augusta – Victoria – Schule.

There were no girls at the KKS in 1960, they were all at the AVS – to my recollection also very few female teachers. Maybe two or three among about 40 men, the very respected gentlemen Studienraete!

I attended KKS for about 5 years and at the age of 15 transferred to Humboldt Gymnasium in Kiel, which I left in 1968 at the age of 19 with my university entrance qualification. In 2018, many of my former classmates met for the 50th Abi class reunion.

Also with the topic TIME I have occupied myself more intensively! In Latin lessons in high school we read texts of Seneca like: De Brevitate Vitae – Wikipedia | Still I am grateful to many of my teachers, because they led me on the way of learning!

Born in a village in the middle of Schleswig – Holstein, it was anything but a matter of course in the 1950s to be introduced to the exciting world of learning! 

Also many journeys and years of service abroad you will find here as a red thread. Enjoy reading – feedback is most welcome!


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I have migrated from a WordPress hosted BLOG to my own self-hosted website and Blog.

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In my new Blog and website starting from July 2020, I will continue my digital publishing on Education and Life Skills and more like how to Master Your German.

I will further continue to work on the promotion of the German Language and culture and people and business and more.

My background is German, but having lived and worked in Germany, Namibia and Australia for more than 40 years, I have always been an avid reader and active blogger though now retired.

I live mostly at the Gold Coast in QLD Australia, but visit my family and friends in Germany regularly every year: And I am still a German resident and citizen, but have acquired Australian citizenship as well: Thank you, Australia!

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Kindly yours from the Gold Coast in QLD, Australia


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