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My parents around 1988 | Credit phb
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My last visit to the area where I COME FROM originally, which some people call MY HOME and which means THE TRUE North for me, was only a few months ago arriving there end of June 2022.

Now I am back at the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia again, where I live with my wife Maria Ines and our Aussie – Brazilian family.

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Surviving a very very long flight / Credit phb
Strande near Kiel / Credit phb
One of my pushbike trips in Denmark / Credit phb
The Baltic Coast / Credit phb
Baltic Harbour in Southern Denmark / Credit phb

This trip was different from my last one since my retirement in 2015. I have tried to visit my home country Germany every year at least once, however during the COVID – pandemic, Australia closed all its borders for nearly three full years. So my booked flight in 2019 was cancelled, and I took the chance to return only end of June 2022. My mother is now 96 yrs old, and my two sisters, my son, and his family including my grandson (14 yrs old) had not seen me other than on SKYPE for about three full years!

Back now in Australia, I wish to digest my impressions from this journey. I select a few photos from my archive and share them with my readers and ex-students in Germany and Namibia and Australia.

My extended German Family with some friends on 20 Aug 2022 / Credit phb / my mother (96) with her 4 sisters

Here in the CBD of Hamburg – a great day with my sister, in the background the RATHAUS / Credit phb

I started my journey from FRA Airport early in the morning, taking an ICE to Cologne, surprisingly enough no stop between Frankfurt and Cologne, which lasted only one hour: From my Gold Coast Home to the BNE Airport I took the train as well: 100km in 90 minutes, just one of the things I tend to compare now …

Butter bei die Fische – mitsegeln auf der Ostsee – Die Roald Amundsen als eine Option von vielen | Website in GERMAN | Sailing

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Near Hamburg / Credit phb
Nord- Ostsee Kanal or The Kiel Kanal NOK / Credit phb

All in all, I spent about 7 days in Denmark on the islands of Alsen and Aeroe with one of my best friends, one week in Bavaria in Chiemgau and most of my time around Aachen NRW (my son lives there with his family) – two visits in the area Landkreis Lueneburg near Hamburg, where I started my work as a High School Teacher in 1979. Two weeks I spent in the Baltic Harbour Town of Kiel, where I graduated from High School myself in 1968.


Whenever free I tried to visit known places and areas and explore new villages and towns around Kiel in Schleswig – Holstein and Hamburg and Berlin and Aachen and in Bavaria. A big thank you to my family and friends hosting me for so long and spending so much time with me.

eBike Trip from Hamburg / Credit phb

What I wish to take with me from this visit to Germany is still being added to and is not yet complete …

My dear wife Maria Ines has taken her chance and cleaned up my room. As promised nothing disposed of! So there are a few more boxes now, all finely labeled, and I do not have to SEARCH anything any more …

Credit phb | The Queens’ Walkway Miama Beach

From 1st Sep 2022 on again 10km Beach Walk in Queensland: Because Elizabeth II and Queen of GB wants this. Walking keeps you fit and healthy she has always promoted from London.

Visit my site THE QUEEN

Cycling along the river ELBE near Hamburg | Credit phb
Along the River ELBE with my sister | Credit phb

My Last Visit in the True North was in 2019.

Here the LINK Kieler Woche 2018 with my mate from High School.

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Credit phb

Around Chiemsee Bavaraia about 60km.

Link to Map

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One of my Beach Walks here …

Visit my Website here …


My mother 2022 at the grave of her parents | Credit phb

Selected impressions from a great trip back home to Germany in the summer of 2018.

This was one of the best summers I have ever experienced in Germany …

Thank you to my family in Australia and in Germany and all my friends for some wonderful weeks full of joy and fun and some great conversations … I feel very grateful and humbled to be able to spend my time with you and meet again and catch up!

Such a great and wonderful experience – thank you again to all of you!!!

yours from Burleigh Waters in Queensland


Kiel in June 2018


Berlin – as good as ever …


Hanover Castle Herrenhausen


Living in the country … north of Berlin


Quedlinburg – Harz Mountains


Near Laboe in Kiel


Village church

View of Luebeck City: Photo Credit Jens Bloecker

Wanderlust …


Dome of Aachen


Corn field close to the river Elbe


Hiking with Harald


Castle of Herrenhausen in Hanover


Living in the country – summer evening July 2018

us in 2918

Finally back home at the Gold Coast with Maria Ines …both very happy.

My Plans for 2023 | Now with bike and locals trains through Germany …


Radwandern in Deutschland

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