Here I will answer all the summarized questions, once collected … and forward to my readers.


Instead of my Mission Statement only a LINK

I have not written a mission statement myself, however, there are many good ones on the net. One of the best I have ever read is here … Mine would be pretty much the same! And you might get interested in Join Politics dot org yourself: They are based in Berlin, one of the many new StartUps there … The Future of Germany and the EU begins in Berlin. Come and study in Berlin, Germany and see for yourself! Innovations and a great city lifestyle! Plus country life around Berlin …


The information provided via my personal website and my BLOGs on Education and Life Skills and more are free of charge. Education should be free as much as possible. I am only charging the minimum tier 1 level for my UDEMY courses. I might publish specific information and ask for donations there. My Business German Podcast is free as well, however, a PREMIUM option may offer extra information as advised.

I have a question related to speaking German or learning German.

There are many platforms on the net where you can ask your questions related to the use of German or learning German or Grammar. I suggest becoming a member of the community GERMAN on

In case you are beginning to learn German, you may start via this site on my own Blog.

You provide some information from the website of the German Goethe – Institut, why?

I have worked for the German Goethe – Institut, the Head Office is in Munich, from 1998 – 2005 and was based at Education Queensland in Brisbane. Therefore I know the website very well and know how much effort and passion and enthusiasm is invested there. I am only linking information which is public and free of charge. Some information might be difficult to find on their website, so I guide you into specific and relevant information of my choice.

I would advise you to create a profile under MY GOETHE and use the platform there and find partners who learn German like yourself.

You can improve your German via this site at

Access Deutsche Sprache at

Access Kultur at

And check out the website of Deutsche Welle as well, I have connected a few Links Deutsch Lernen in previous posts as well.

Gabor Steingart Website: Der 8. Tag #102 Podcast mit Philip Husemann.

Zitat: “Neue politische Talente brauchen neue Strukturen, glaubt Philip Husemann, denn ansonsten drohe der Demokratie ein Nachwuchsmangel. Um es nicht so weit kommen zu lassen, will er als Co-Geschäftsführer der Politiker-Schmiede “Join Politics” gemeinsam mit der Gründerin Caroline Weimann jungen Menschen eine neue Struktur bieten, in der sie ihr politisches Engagement ausleben können. Talente erhalten eine Starthilfe ..”

  1. Die Welt ist wie sie ist.
  2. Das war schon immer so, ueberall.
  3. Du willst sie aendern? Vergiss es! Du bist nicht Spiderman.
  4. Fange bei dir an: Schreibtisch aufraeumen, Waesche selbst waschen, Hecken schneiden, Garage aufrauemen.
  5. Get the shit out of your head!
  6. Fake news? News? Irrelevant!
  7. Lesen, lesen, lesen.
  8. Wenn moeglich: schreiben.
  9. Unsere Kinder sind unsere Zukunft.
  10. Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt. Die Liebe stirbt nie!
  11. Also kurz: Werde ein freundlicher Mensch! Oder arbeite daran.

English Version Vademecum

The world is as it is.
It has always been like that, everywhere.
You want to change it? Forget it! You are not Spiderman.
Start with yourself: Clean your desk, wash your own clothes, cut the hedges, clean the garage …
Get the shit out of your head …
Fake news? News? Irrelevant …
Read, read, read …
If possible: write …
Our children are our future.
Hope dies last. Love never dies!

In short: Try to be gentle and kind. Or at least start working on this.