Portraits of the little Artists

Wouldn‘t it be nice …?

To be a child again and start at the age of 4 at Casa Da Vovo Burleigh in Queensland?

Credit phb
Credit phb | House of Granny

Group of max 5 children from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Working with Maria Ines, who is an experienced art teacher from Niteroi Brazil and now living here in Burleigh 600m from a most beautifil beach of the South Pacific?

More via the FB Account and many many photos of activities here …


With an active Facebook Account you may wish to follow Maria Ines and the activities here or get in touch, should you wish to register your child at Casa Da Vovo, Burleigh QLD 4220, Australia.

Bilingual Stand Alone Child Care and registered Small Business at Gold Coast City Council.

More here soon …

Maria Ines (born in Niteroi) is my wife, and we are celebrating in June this year 20 years of our shared pathway into happiness with our Brasilien Family and Grandchildren plus a growing Community of Ex – Pats from Brasil.

Many of them have started a new life here at the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Kindly yours with our best wishes

Peter H Blocker (German) and Maria Ines


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