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Peter goes Intrepid Linked Sympathy For The Devil Youtube linked There are many ways to spread love! Here are some ideas: First of all: Be kind to yourself - if you do not love yourself, find professional help. Only loving yourself, you can love others Tell someone you love them and why Laugh often and asap Let go of grudges and forgive Donate what you can to a charity you care about Volunteer if you wish Make gift baskets for the homeless with items they may need¹ Offer to run errands for someone who is homebound² Write a love letter or love “text” to a person you appreciate and send it to them³ Do a small favour for a person you care about (buy them a coffee or tea, make them dinner)³ Give blood⁴ Only talk positive self-talk to yourself⁴ Be grateful and practice gratitude for the people and things that you have⁴ Smile at yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror⁴ Admit your mistakes and apologize where necessary⁴ Let go of past grudges⁴ Source: Conversation with Bing, 12/04/2023 (1) 50 simple ways to be kind and spread love in the world. (2) 50 Ways to Spread Love and Become Happier Person. (3) 25 Ways to Spread Love - Pretty Wellness. (4) 101 Ways to Spread Love In the World (& Why We Should) - Peaceful…

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Our House Beach Miami QLD

Great summer days here now … inviting dip into the swell. With Maria Ines | Credit phb Credit phb Credit phb Credit phb Credit phb Credit phb Credit phb Das Auto | Credit phb Hinterland Trip on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon / Credit phb Mount Warning NSW / Credit phb Lazy Sunday Afternoon at Burleigh Beach / Credit phb Credit phb Great Party and 18th Birthday at the Gardens Bar Gold Coast Casino ... Live Band Lisa HUNT! Credit phb Crystal Castle Byron Hinterland NSW | Credit phb

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Crystal Castle & Fruit World

Man kann sich aufregen über Kitsch und Werbung, aber als ich jetzt dort war unweit von Byron Bay, um meiner Frau einen Gefallen zu tun (hab mich seit 2012 geweigert): I was blown away … Die Kristalle dort im Garten Eden sind wirklich so gross … From the Gold Coast in Queensland with best wishes, yours Peter Just google Crystal Castle Byron Bay Hinterland to find out more ... (NSW). With best wishes & take care Yours Peter Ich erlaube mir, hier ein Video von Suzanne Mansour aus Sydney einzufuegen, die mit ihren visuellen Piano -Kompositionen Freude bereiten will, wie sie schreibt ... ENJOY her COMPOSITIONS .... looking forward to your next outdoor adventure!

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House Beach | My Outdoor Office

There is only one difference reading about the Life Style of some VIP' s like Richie Branson on Virgin Island: I need no island and I do not have to own it, cause my Backyard stretches from Ballina to Noosa in Sunny Queensland. The Place To Be. From a sunny morning here with best wishes Yours Peter / phb Nota Bene Twitter is derived from Twit ... Follow here Mark Knopfler and his song TRUE LOVE ... | as MUSIC IS THE LANGUAGE | LINK Die hellsichtige ISA geht wandern und findet den Goldenen Berg … Screenshot von phb Arbeit und Struktur (Wikipedia LINK) In Memory Of Wolfgang Herrndorf (Hamburg Norderstedt and Berlin) 26 August 2013. Heute erneut gelesen via SZ App Carolin Emcke Grenzerfahrungen Music is the Language ... Gleichzeitig glaube ich aber, dass es eher eine Seltenheit ist, dass man ohne schwere Phasen durch sein Leben kommt. In irgendeiner Form muss jeder von uns irgendwann die Nerven behalten. Bei Wolfgang und mir gab es diese Fokussierung auf das absolut Wesentliche im Leben. Dieses Gefühl von Im-Hier-und-Jetzt-Sein kann ­einem zumindest in Momenten auch ein glücksähnliches Gefühl geben. Und Wolfgang hat aufgehört, seine Zeit zu vertüdeln. Zitat aus dem SZ Interview mit seiner Frau 10 Jahre nach seinem Tod. Updated on Fri 21 Jul 2023 by P H Bloecker

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Back in Australia

German Train Station | Credit phb Just arrived in Brisbane QLD - back after 2 months! Very happy to be at home again … Best wishes yours Peter Very happy to be with Maria Ines again: Thank you Love Of My Life for all the thoughts and work you have done here in our House in Burleigh QLD Australia!Casa Da Vovo Burleigh | Facebook Profile Credit phb Last station Fraueninsel at Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany. Credit phb | City of Hamburg Alster Update 01 Sep 2022 I spent 8 weeks in Germany landing in FRANKFURT end of June 2022. I came back to Brisbane QLD Australia yesterday and am now working on my impressions and will sort out the photos taken - more than 1000 ... and publish well selected photos on my Website and Blog. As I was not able to leave Australia for more than three years, this visit of my extensive GERMAN FAMILIY and my FRIENDS was overdue for sure. I will write about my very positive reflexions coming to my real HOME, which is THE TRUE North of EUROPE. Therefore the slogan I am using on social Media. Thank you all, my dear mother (96 yrs old) and two sisters Antje and Gesa and my son and his great family living near Cologne. And a big thank you to all my friends in Germany who spent their…

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