This site collects some of my favourite Music and reflexions, why music matters in my life …

Starting with an example from Youtube filmed and performed at the Harbour Front in Cape Town RSA.

Follow Reinhard Buhr with his life performances in the open and his Loop Arrangements ….

“Music Is The Language” is a powerful and inspiring motto for my campaign. Music has a unique ability to transcend cultural barriers, foster connection, and promote understanding among people from different backgrounds. By using music as a universal language, I will create a powerful platform to promote intercultural dialogue, celebrate diversity, and work towards my vision of a world without borders. This motto beautifully encapsulates the essence of my campaign, and it has the potential to resonate with individuals from all walks of life, drawing them together through the shared love and appreciation of music. My campaign will create a harmonious and inclusive space where cultural exchange thrives!

And here another example why Music Is The Language:

Created with DALL.E by phb

Brilliant Interview via Youtube

Music Is The Language


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Nov 2021 | Screenshot phb

On DW Channel Vikingur Olafsson