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What’s the oldest thing you own that you still use daily? They are made for walking, and I bought them 20 years ago! Had to replace the sole three times, but hand made and weekly polished, these boots are made for Life. Brand: R M Williams | The Real Boots. Keep on Walking, boots … From Gold Coast QLD with my best wishes Yours P H Bloecker My Aussie Brazilian Family | Credit phb From my Bookshelf | Credit phb

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Oskar Söhngen, Luthers Theologie der Musik: “Jedes Geschöpf, jedes geschaffene Ding hat den Zweck, Gott auf seine eigene Art und Weise zu preisen. …

Luthers Theologie der Musik (Luther’s Theology of Music) Von Oskar Söhngen 1. Es sollte nicht nötig sein, zu beweisen, dass zwischen Musik und … Oskar Söhngen, Luthers Theologie der Musik: “Jedes Geschöpf, jedes geschaffene Ding hat den Zweck, Gott auf seine eigene Art und Weise zu preisen. … Anders und sehr kurz: Music Is The Language

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Rache ist Blutwurst

Keine Feier ohne Geier. Das Kraut muss weg. Blut lecken Bloody cold Leck mich … Was Kinder ohne Schule so lernen, oder der Heimliche Lehrplan: More here soon | Taster only … Impfgegner: Ich bin gegen das Impfen. Klimagegner: Ich bin gegen das Klima. Klimaleugner: Es gibt kein Klima. (Beispiel Sprachlabor) Peter H Bloecker is a retired Linguist and Literature Teacher, American Studies in Bln with 2 State Exams in 1977. Linked Profile Contact About ——— Entwurf eBook | Author Peter H Bloecker | Active Blogger: Blood pudding, also known as black pudding, is a type of blood sausage that is a traditional delicacy in many parts of the world, particularly in the United Kingdom and Ireland⁶. It's made from animal blood, typically pig's blood, which acts as a binder for other ingredients such as oats or barley. This mixture is then encased and cooked, resulting in a rich, savory sausage that's often served as part of a full breakfast⁷. Cooking with blood is a practice that dates back centuries and is found in various cuisines globally. Blood can be used as a thickener for sauces, a filler in sausages, and even as a solid ingredient in dishes like blood tofu or blood pancakes¹. It's known for its nutritional value, providing a source of iron and protein⁶. Blood sausages are a diverse group of foods, with many regional variations. They can…

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Visiting Miama Marketta today on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon … Screenshot More about my Lazy Sunday Afternoon in Miami QLD OZ here later … Author | Blogger Peter H Blöcker Trout Fishing ~ Thank you for Photo ~ Credit phb Hesse züchtete seine Rosen! Und schwieg lieber, nachdem er den Nobelpreis erhalten hatte! Alles gesagt und geschrieben! Silence Is Golden | Schweigen ist Gold! Geht mir auch so! Immer mehr … More soon via My Blog My Website I never promised you a Rose Garden! Music Is The Language! Here a copy from Bluezones Mails Not my work, sorry, folks … ______ Pasted from Mail Bluezones dot com ————     Bug-Repelling Plants to Grow in Your Garden  By Lee Park We do our best to plant the flowers that attract bees and other local pollinators to our yards. But there are times we want to roll up the welcome mat and repel insects, especially mosquitoes. You can do this without using repellents containing chemical ingredients which kill the friendly bugs as well as the nuisances. It’s not all about citronella​​ There are as many ways to foster natural pest control as there are reasons to repel insects like mosquitoes. These pests are the deadliest creatures on earth, killing about a million people a year. They harbor diseases like Malaria, dengue,West Nile virus (and there are no vaccines or medicines to prevent or treat this virus…

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Re:publica24 Bln

Ceterum Censeo Herr Prof Bernhard Pörksen aus Tübingen spricht 30 Minuten im Sinne von Orwell 1984: Soma und Ablenkung Hypes und wachsende Ignoranz Exit Strategies & Toxic Algorithms Feudale Machtstrukturen im Silicon Valley am Bsp X und Musk Awareness Und Langfristigkeit Denken und Nachdenken Bewahren Diskursfähigkeit re invented Journalismus Panama gleich Internationale Kooperation und Enthüllung von Wirtschaftskriminalität Blick über den Tellerrand: Von Australien oder Südkorea lernen Weg vom europäisch zentrierten Denkmodellen Der Weltgeist lässt grüßen! 30 Minuten Wucht und Power! Kann ich nur empfehlen und nicht abschalten nach 15 Sekunden Eben echte Aufmerksamkeit Und schlicht gesagt: Mal zuhören From From Australia kindly yours P H Blöcker Linked Credit phb

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Portraits of the little Artists

Wouldn‘t it be nice …? To be a child again and start at the age of 4 at Casa Da Vovo Burleigh in Queensland? Credit phb Credit phb | House of Granny Group of max 5 children from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Working with Maria Ines, who is an experienced art teacher from Niteroi Brazil and now living here in Burleigh 600m from a most beautifil beach of the South Pacific? More via the FB Account and many many photos of activities here … Linked With an active Facebook Account you may wish to follow Maria Ines and the activities here or get in touch, should you wish to register your child at Casa Da Vovo, Burleigh QLD 4220, Australia. Bilingual Stand Alone Child Care and registered Small Business at Gold Coast City Council. More here soon … Maria Ines (born in Niteroi) is my wife, and we are celebrating in June this year 20 years of our shared pathway into happiness with our Brasilien Family and Grandchildren plus a growing Community of Ex – Pats from Brasil. Many of them have started a new life here at the Gold Coast in Queensland. Kindly yours with our best wishes Peter H Blocker (German) and Maria Ines Linked My website My Blog Linked Profile and More

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Vom richtigen Umgang mit der Wut

Oder auch Wut als Superkraft … Gern gelesen, aus der SZ App und Serie Psychologie: Warum Wut wichtig sein kann und mehr! Ein Kind wird richtig wütend, wie gehe ich als fortgeschrittener Erzieher damit um? Gibt es schlechte Gefühle? Soll ich lernen, meine Wut zu schlucken? Was sage ich einem Wutbürger? Blinde Wut und reifer Umgang mit der eigenen Wut. Über die Superkraft eines gefürchteten Gefühls – und wie man am besten damit umgeht. by phb | Linked

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