Eric Schmidt on AI and AGI

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“The question is what is the right answer,” Dr Schmidt said. “I’m not in favour of a six-month pause because it will simply benefit China.

“What I am in favour of is getting everybody together ASAP to discuss what are the appropriate guardrails.

“Say you are an AI researcher, you build one of these things. You want to release it? Well, you shouldn’t release it without some kind of mitigation for things that it could do that are negative.”

Dr Schmidt said if industry could not agree on guardrails, governments would inevitably have to come in and impose their own standards.

“I think today the government’s response would be clumsy because there are very few people in government who understand this stuff. So I’m in favour of letting the industry try to get its act together. This is a case where you don’t rush in unless you understand what you’re doing.”

Dr Schmidt said he had two concerns about AI getting out of control. He said as systems got bigger and more sophisticated, it raised the question, how do you know that you know what it knows? How do you test it?

“You can get a situation where it’s a race to the bottom … and we rush to release without knowing what we’re doing,” he said. | Screenshot phb

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I asked ChatGPT to generate a world canon of the most recognised works of mankind: Judge for yourself, is this biased or stupid?

There are many lists of “canon” or “classic” works of high literature that have been compiled over the years, but there is no definitive list that is universally accepted. However, here are some examples of widely recognized lists of great works of literature:

  • The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages by Harold Bloom, which includes works from ancient Greece and Rome through the 20th century.
  • The Great Books of the Western World, a 54-volume set published by Encyclopaedia Britannica that includes works from ancient Greece and Rome, the Bible, and major works of European and American literature.
  • The Modern Library 100 Best Novels, a list of English-language novels published in the 20th century, as selected by the Modern Library editorial board.
  • The Nobel Prize in Literature, an annual award given to a writer who has produced “the most outstanding work in an ideal direction.”
  • Time magazine’s All-Time 100 Novels, a list of the best English-language novels published since 1923 (the year Time was founded).

While these lists can be useful as a starting point for exploring great works of literature, they are by no means exhaustive or definitive. Great works of literature are continually being produced and rediscovered, and each reader’s personal canon is likely to be different based on their individual tastes and experiences.

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Can AI or AGI be dangerous for mankind?

As an AI language model, I cannot predict the future of AI development and its impact on society. However, it is true that AI is already deeply integrated into many aspects of our lives and its development is progressing rapidly. While there are concerns about the potential risks and challenges posed by advanced AI and AGI, there are also many potential benefits and opportunities. The question of how to manage and regulate AI development is an ongoing area of discussion and debate among policymakers, experts, and the public.

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