Eric Schmidt on AI and AGI

Quoted from “The question is what is the right answer,” Dr Schmidt said. “I’m not in favour of a six-month pause because it will simply benefit China. “What I am in favour of is getting everybody together ASAP to discuss what are the appropriate guardrails. “Say you are an AI researcher, you build one of these things. You want to release it? Well, you shouldn’t release it without some kind of mitigation for things that it could do that are negative.” Dr Schmidt said if industry could not agree on guardrails, governments would inevitably have to come in and impose their own standards. “I think today the government’s response would be clumsy because there are very few people in government who understand this stuff. So I’m in favour of letting the industry try to get its act together. This is a case where you don’t rush in unless you understand what you’re doing.” Dr Schmidt said he had two concerns about AI getting out of control. He said as systems got bigger and more sophisticated, it raised the question, how do you know that you know what it knows? How do you test it? “You can get a situation where it’s a race to the bottom … and we rush to release without knowing what we’re doing,” he said. | Screenshot phb Avid Readers I asked ChatGPT to generate…

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