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And finally back home again after a trip of two months! The winter here in Queensland is over!

During the long flight I read the novel THE OFFING, the author is Benjamin Myer – Author and Journalist (The Guardian and other Media):

Benjamin Myers’ “The Offing” is a literary gem that harkens back to the romantic tradition of Novalis and his circle of young writers. Set in the aftermath of World War II, this novel invites readers on a poignant journey of self-discovery and transcendence through the lens of travel and love and poesy.

The narrative unfolds as Robert Appleyard, a young man with dreams beyond the confines of his working-class upbringing, embarks on a soul-stirring odyssey along the enchanting Yorkshire coast of England in 1946.

His encounter with Dulcie, a bohemian artist with a profound connection to the natural world, marks the beginning of a transformative exploration of life’s deeper meanings.

Myers masterfully weaves the beauty of the natural world into the story, reminiscent of the romantic ideals of Novalis and his contemporaries. The descriptions of the coastal landscape are so vivid that they become characters themselves, guiding the 16 year old Robert  on his quest for self-discovery.

The heart of the novel lies in the burgeoning relationship between Robert and Dulcie, which is tenderly depicted. Their connection mirrors the romantic tradition’s belief in the transformative power of love and nature and poetry to illuminate the human soul. As Robert finds himself drawn to Dulcie’s free-spirited approach to life and her connection to the land, readers are reminded of the romantic notion of transcending the constraints of societal norms.

Myers’ prose is lyrical and evocative, capturing the essence of the English countryside and the rough sea. Through his writing, readers are transported to a time when the world was still recovering from the ravages of war, and the promise of renewal and self-discovery hung in the air like a lingering scent of wildflowers.

In “The Offing,” Benjamin Myers offers a beautifully crafted homage to the romantic tradition of travel and self-discovery. It’s a tale that celebrates the timeless themes of love, nature, poetry and the search for one’s true self. This novel is a must-read for anyone who longs for a literary journey that touches the heart and soul, much like the works of the romantics who inspired this novel.

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