Brisbane on the Map for 2032

You wish to know more about Queensland and Brisbane? When I first came to BNE in 1998, I myself had to check out, where exactly Brissie was on the map, I had heard the name of the city, knew it must be Australia, but where exactly?

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I knew the city of Sydney then, but would not have been apple to point out Brisbane on a vague sketch of the Australian continent.

Now I have lived here since 1998 and the Gold Coast is changing from week to week, month to month …

Gold Coast because of the sunshine, of course.

Surfers Paradise because of the OCEAN.

Queensland attracts more Aussies from interstate then any other Australian state at present.

House shortage and not even a room for rent around Christmas or Easter!

I am following GOV initiates to create a better Queensland for all and of course the campaign to prepare the Olympics in 2032.

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