Teachers Are Not Noble …

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Nor Are They Lazy …

Read this in my favourite cafe today Sat 5 Nov 2022 at the Gold Coast and wish to share this with my readers:

Teachers are not noble, they are highly skilled professionals with an adequate income in Australia and a fair pension, not more and not less. Not talking about teachers in the USA or in the world.

As their lessons are generally discussed at the kitchen table, the quality of teaching in a given country is highly ambiguously JUDGED daily based on impressions of children and students in very vague summaries like …

Again pretty boring or I did not listen at all or I was not interested like always … plus I do not like her and she smells … and more of this stuff.

According to time consuming research and very expensive studies all over the world, I have not seen any real impact of improvement over the last decades since I started teaching myself in 1977 in West – Berlin, Germany.

East Germany (DDR) was a communist country then.

Adults tend to remember their school career as pretty awesome or a waste of time all in all or something in between.

Self fulfilling prophecies do the rest!

And your own experience here? Pls get in touch if you wish summing up your feedback.

After 40 years of High School Teaching in Germany, Namibia and Australia I still believe in professional development, though some expensive studies have revealed no professional development outcomes have ever reached any classroom for certain reasons.

A professional development scheme for teams over years plus integrating young and unexperienced teachers into regular and monitored professional development seminars face to face or online are in my own view key to the serious question:

How can society (professionals and institutions and parents) equip teachers to becoming most powerful agents of change?

More of this kind to come here soon.

With best wishes from the Gold Coast in QLD


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