Ernest Hemingway

One of the best writers, ever... His Nick Adams Stories are World Literature, plus his early novels like The Sun Also Rises. Nobel Laureate as well ... The Old Man And The Sea. Thank you, Hem! Best wishes yours Peter H Bloecker phb More about Ernest Hemingway via Link

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Barack Obama and Michelle in the White House

QUOTE:"Someone — someone once said that if you’re looking for a friend in Washington, get a dog. Our family was lucky enough to have two wonderful dogs. But I was even luckier to have a chance to spend eight years working day and night with a man who became a true partner and a true friend. Joe, it is now America’s good fortune to have you as President. You have guided us through some perilous times. You’ve built on and gone beyond the work we all did together to expand healthcare, to fight climate change, to advance social justice, and to promote economic fairness. Thanks to your decency and thanks to your strength — maybe most of all thanks to your faith in our democracy and the American people — the country is better off than when you took office, and we should all be deeply grateful for that. So, thank you so much." From Apple News / My Screenshot phb

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Wenn die Leaders Of The World die Krise Ukraine und Nato und Russia nicht in den Griff bekommen, haben sie alle zusammen versagt! Und das voll, nichts gelernt aus den letzten Kriegen …

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Obama: A Promised Land / USA Bought the Audio and finished Part One - read by Obama himself! Impressive the last lines of Part One answering Michelle's question: Why you, Barack? A lot of names and details in Part One, I cannot relate to ... but well written! Will update this later. Best yours phb

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Joe Biden gewinnt in Michigan | ZEIT ONLINE Biden jetzt in Fuehrung ...

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USA Noch alles offen?

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