Robots & more … like MS Copilot 365 and be aware: this is only the beginning Posted by phb on Thu 23 Mar 2023 Read the long article of Bill Gates on Gates Notes via LinkedIn: Gates Notes Direct Link to the Gates Notes Read Noam Chomsky in the NYTimes about the limits of ChatGPT: The not-intelligent Robot ... >> NYTimes >>>> Chomsky Noam Chomsky: The False Promise of ChatGPT Quoted: "Note, for all the seemingly sophisticated thought and language, the moral indifference born of unintelligence. Here, ChatGPT exhibits something like the banality of evil: plagiarism and apathy and obviation. It summarizes the standard arguments in the literature by a kind of super-autocomplete, refuses to take a stand on anything, pleads not merely ignorance but lack of intelligence and ultimately offers a “just following orders” defense, shifting responsibility to its creators." Linked Example of a question: Explain Horizon in Literature (ChatGPT): Explain in some detail the category horizon in literature The concept of horizon in literature is associated with the idea of horizon in phenomenology, a philosophical approach that emphasizes the study of subjective experience. In literature, the horizon refers to the sum total of expectations, beliefs, and assumptions that a reader brings to a text, which influences their interpretation and understanding of the work. The horizon of a text is composed of various factors, including the reader's cultural background, language, education, historical context, personal experiences, and…

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