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Posted by phb on Thu 23 Mar 2023

Read the long article of Bill Gates on Gates Notes via LinkedIn:

Gates Notes

Direct Link to the Gates Notes

Read Noam Chomsky in the NYTimes about the limits of ChatGPT: The not-intelligent Robot …

>> NYTimes >>>> Chomsky

Noam Chomsky: The False Promise of ChatGPT


“Note, for all the seemingly sophisticated thought and language, the moral indifference born of unintelligence. Here, ChatGPT exhibits something like the banality of evil: plagiarism and apathy and obviation. It summarizes the standard arguments in the literature by a kind of super-autocomplete, refuses to take a stand on anything, pleads not merely ignorance but lack of intelligence and ultimately offers a “just following orders” defense, shifting responsibility to its creators.”


Example of a question: Explain Horizon in Literature (ChatGPT):

Explain in some detail the category horizon in literature

The concept of horizon in literature is associated with the idea of horizon in phenomenology, a philosophical approach that emphasizes the study of subjective experience. In literature, the horizon refers to the sum total of expectations, beliefs, and assumptions that a reader brings to a text, which influences their interpretation and understanding of the work.

The horizon of a text is composed of various factors, including the reader’s cultural background, language, education, historical context, personal experiences, and worldview. These factors shape the reader’s perspective and influence their understanding of the text’s themes, characters, and narrative structure.

For example, a reader from a Western cultural background may approach a text with different expectations and assumptions than a reader from an Eastern cultural background. This can lead to different interpretations of the text’s meaning and themes.

The concept of horizon highlights the importance of considering the reader’s perspective when analyzing literature. It recognizes that the meaning of a text is not fixed, but rather subject to interpretation based on the reader’s horizon. It also acknowledges that literature can broaden and expand a reader’s horizon, by exposing them to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences.

As this text is generated by a Bot, there are no references and sources!

The mother of all questions (Noam Chomsky):

Is this a machine to produce plagiates?

And what exactly is the difference if I write the text myself with the knowledge I have acquired by reading a lot?

P H Bloecker

Updated Mon 27 Mar 2023

Lex Fridman Podcast #367 with Sam Altman / 2 hours on Open AI.

Amazing and read the transcript and take notes as well …

A I and AGI Systems and Microsoft Copilot & more!

Open Letter: Pause Giant AI Experiments for six months …

Elon Musk and others via Website Future Of Life …


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Italy has banned ChatGTP because of Personal Data Protection, which is just the Vorwand … Others have gone to Court for the same reason!

My views here in short:

The Genius / Genie Has Left The Bottle

And has no intention to get back in there!

Phrased with Dürrenmatt: Was einmal gedacht wurde, lässt sich nicht mehr rückgängig machen!

Read Die Physiker and relate this to AI and AGI …

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