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There are many ways to spread love! Here are some ideas:

  • First of all: Be kind to yourself – if you do not love yourself, find professional help. Only loving yourself, you can love others
  • Tell someone you love them and why
  • Laugh often and asap
  • Let go of grudges and forgive
  • Donate what you can to a charity you care about
  • Volunteer if you wish
  • Make gift baskets for the homeless with items they may need¹
  • Offer to run errands for someone who is homebound²
  • Write a love letter or love “text” to a person you appreciate and send it to them³
  • Do a small favour for a person you care about (buy them a coffee or tea, make them dinner)³
  • Give blood⁴
  • Only talk positive self-talk to yourself⁴
  • Be grateful and practice gratitude for the people and things that you have⁴
  • Smile at yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror⁴
  • Admit your mistakes and apologize where necessary⁴
  • Let go of past grudges⁴

Source: Conversation with Bing, 12/04/2023

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I’m not a Believer … only trusting myself and my wife and my Family and Best Friends!

The Alchimist (Paulo Coelho)

Read about Santiago and his journey finding his true self.

A neo romantic tale …

Santiago is a young man and the protagonist in the novel “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

A rich character is one who is complex, multidimensional, and undergoes significant development over the course of the story. Santiago embodies all of these qualities, as he goes through a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Throughout the novel, Santiago faces numerous challenges and obstacles that force him to confront his fears, doubts, and limitations. He also meets a variety of characters who offer him guidance and wisdom, and who challenge his beliefs and assumptions.

As a result of his experiences, Santiago undergoes significant personal growth and transformation. He learns to trust his intuition, follow his heart, and believe in himself. He also gains a deeper understanding of the world and his place in it, and develops a sense of purpose and direction in his life.

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