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Just reading this novel written by T C Boyle and on Sam and Aimee in California and the Prof of Linguistics Guy Schermerhorn.

Review in NY Times



phb @ Gold Coast QLD

T.C. Boyle is a highly respected and widely read author in Germany, where he has a large and dedicated fan base. While the label “hipster” may be somewhat subjective, it’s true that Boyle is known for his distinctive style, both in his writing and his personal appearance. He often wears fedoras and colorful shirts, and his author photos feature him with a signature mustache and piercing gaze. This has helped to cultivate a certain “cool” image around him, which may contribute to his popularity with younger readers and fans of alternative culture. That being said, Boyle’s appeal in Germany extends far beyond any particular demographic or cultural scene. He is widely regarded as a masterful storyteller with a unique voice and vision, and his work has been translated into many languages and studied in universities around the world.

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