Back in Australia

German Train Station | Credit phb

Just arrived in Brisbane QLD – back after 2 months! Very happy to be at home again …

Best wishes yours Peter

Very happy to be with Maria Ines again: Thank you Love Of My Life for all the thoughts and work you have done here in our House in Burleigh QLD Australia!

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Credit phb

Last station Fraueninsel at Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany.

Credit phb | City of Hamburg Alster

Update 01 Sep 2022

I spent 8 weeks in Germany landing in FRANKFURT end of June 2022.

I came back to Brisbane QLD Australia yesterday and am now working on my impressions and will sort out the photos taken – more than 1000 … and publish well selected photos on my Website and Blog.

As I was not able to leave Australia for more than three years, this visit of my extensive GERMAN FAMILIY and my FRIENDS was overdue for sure. I will write about my very positive reflexions coming to my real HOME, which is THE TRUE North of EUROPE.

Therefore the slogan I am using on social Media.

Thank you all, my dear mother (96 yrs old) and two sisters Antje and Gesa and my son and his great family living near Cologne.

And a big thank you to all my friends in Germany who spent their time with me and hosted me as well – Auf ein schnelles und frohes Wiedersehen im kommenden Jahr 2023 im Sommer.

Mit herzlichen Gruessen und CHAPEAU best wishes yours