My Dream Home

Write about your dream home. My dream home has two levels, medium sized rooms to withdraw and no room for any cars. My cars are parked under a roof outside my home. My piece of land is rather small, grass in front of the house and a lawn behind the house with a large deck. There is a fence and a rather large pool for myself, my wife and our grandchildren and many tropical plants. The main colour is lush green. And blue for the pool, the colour of the sky. And some rather small palm trees. My Dream Home Our House Beach | The South Pacific Ocean | Credit phb Beach Walking | Credit phb View from kitchen window | Credit phb Credit phb Gold Coast Parkland | Credit phb Bike Trip to Rainbow Beach | Credit phb Parkland Cold Coast | Credit phb Frangipani | Credit phb So, if you are too tired to speak, sit next to me because I, too, am fluent in silence.

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On the roads again

Think back on your most memorable road trip. Over the last 50 years my road trips in Europe and later the USA and South Africa and Australia have become part of my lifestyle. You will certainly find text and footage on many of them here following the Link > Profile. Too many, to name them. Kindly yours from the Gold Coast in Queensland Peter H Bloecker Linked Credit phb | House Beach More via my Wordpress Blog like Peter Hanns is Roadtrippin' Linked Updated on SUN 4 Feb 2024 Author and active Blogger Peter Hanns Bloecker Profile Just live your dreams and become who you are meant to be | More about J W Goethe and The Jena Set | Magnificent Rebels | Freigeister 1798. Find out about NOVALIS and his life and dreams as well! Novalis via Wikipedia Credit phb Credit phb Credit phb Credit phb Credit phb 2023

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What makes you feel nostalgic? When I see an old Vespa in Europe or in Australia, I feel very nostalgic, nothing like an old Vespa, when 18 years old and your first ride after you received your German Full License Heavy Motorbikes! Was able later, to transfer directly into my QLD license … for my 1975 BMW 80 / and now my Suzuki 1000. Pretty cool, starting in 1967 August 28! From Gold Coast my best wishes for 2024! Peter H Bloecker Credit phb

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If you could meet a historical figure, who would it be and why? Goethe

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Pathway …

What is your career plan? More academic or dual (Company & University) More manual like Master of Carpenter or Roof or Building or Engineering or more … More my own way like working and travelling and Practical Experience around the world. Other … Flow and River | Credit phb There are many ways to a successful career in life!

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