Thinking and Languages Just imagine these thoughts here connected with German and Russian or Chinese ... Would there still be wars in the world? Having read NOAM CHOMSKY and his approach about a universal Grammar plus some Russian Linguists, my ideas for further research are about cross - cultural aspects and about misconceptions and miscommunication. There are Family Disputes about Money and Heritage, the amount normally does not really matter! There are Disputes between countries about land id est terrain, normally borders: What Mine is, is not Yours ... Here we go again ... If interested to read more about these ideas, just bookmark and come back here. Author and Blogger Peter H Bloecker Sun 3 March 2024 My Hinterland Trips | Credit phb My Diary and Franz Kafka. Had a good sleep & now 23 degrees C in the morning: 06:40 Life is good at the sunny Gold Coast, indeed! Credit phb Local Elections | Credit phb Credit phb Picked up my caravan last night from a Farm! Two great hours with my Aussie Mate (his car and caravan above) … and off we go again: Next Camping Weekend ahead … Carpe Diem! From OZ Kindly yours Peter & Maria Ines Credit phb Now 07:45 am Nomen Est Omen (Latin) Meaning of Peter Meaning of Maria Meaning of Ines Just ask Copilot a few questions like ... The background and deeper Meaning…

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Biculture | What about Germans in Australia? My idea in short, why not follow these Blogs about cross - cultural encounters and work on this, mutually improving our understanding and all the problems and difficulties in general? Or better in a more positive way: Why not share experiences and reflexions of feeling good in an environment outside your comfort zones? Give it a go ... Just lush after the rain ... Gold Coast Valleys | Credit phb Just contact me once interested! (Form on Website). From Australia truly Northern With my best wishes Yours Peter H Bloecker Access more here ... Linked Arriving in Australia in the late 1850-ies Holtermann Linked Linked Goethe - Institut Australia

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