Credit phb Family first and community spirit are values that emphasize the importance of maintaining strong and supportive relationships with one's family and community members. They are often based on shared cultural, spiritual, and ancestral ties, as well as mutual respect and cooperation. Neighbours first and mutual help and support are related concepts that stress the benefits of helping and caring for one's neighbours, especially in times of need or crisis. They are based on the idea that neighbours are an extension of one's family and community, and that by working together, they can overcome challenges and improve their wellbeing. Coffee News OZ | Credit phb These concepts are widely practiced and promoted by various groups and organizations around the world, especially among indigenous and minority communities. For example, in Australia, many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people value family and community as central to their social and emotional wellbeing, and have developed family support services and community participation programs to enhance their connection and resilience¹²³. Similarly, in other countries, such as Canada, New Zealand, and the United States, indigenous and ethnic communities have also established family and community-based initiatives to preserve their culture, identity, and rights . Family first and community spirit, and neighbours first and mutual help and support, are not only beneficial for individuals and groups, but also for society as a whole. They can foster social cohesion,…

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