S-O-S Regeln

https://franziskaner.net/jetzt-aha-und-sos/Sent by phb | https://peblogger.com Another complete lockdown in Brisbane QLD Australia The danger of new Covid Clusters are completely underestimated! While Brisbane decides to lock down, thousands of Germans are flying to Mallorca believing they will not be at risk ... This is a blind flight into another Covid crisis and from my view completely irresponsible. The numbers must be down and under control instead of Opening discussions and back to a normal life now ... Good luck and best wishes Yours phb

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Short Films

I have registered here and will review ... More to come soon ... Education And Life Skills Everyone was worried about her future. No one understood her commitment. They warned her about her decision, even without knowing what does a social worker do. This isn't only Andrea's career, her life is one with these Lively Youngsters.https://inspireflix.com/docos/lively-youngsters/Sent by phb | https://peblogger.com

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