The Battle Of Bali

Just read this article in (OZ Edition) and would like to recommend this for people dreaming to live as digital nomads in Indonesia … In short: Completely sick of badly behaving Digital Nomads (many are young Russians - sic!!!) locals are fighting back and try to inform LocalAuthorities to get rid of these tourists, who are seen as intruding invaders!!! More here later, have to digest this first! Was not aware of these Cultural Gaps - here more shockwaves! From OZ yours phb Education NSW OZ l Influencers | SM | Credit phb A short story written by Franz Kafka (or someone like Kafka) Once upon a time, in the beautiful island of Bali, there was a laughing policeman. He had seen it all - the rise of the digital nomads, the clash of cultures, and the clash of crypto-rich nomads with the locals. But still, he laughed. The laughing policeman was a mystery to most, but to those who knew him, he was a sage. He knew that the world was changing, and that Bali was changing with it. The island was a magnet for digital nomads from Russia and Ukraine, drawn by the promise of cheap living and endless sunshine. But the nomads clashed with the locals, who saw them as arrogant and disrespectful. The nomads ignored the culture and tradition of Bali, misbehaving and flaunting their wealth…

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