Einer wird gewinnen – und ich weiss nach einer Woche Arbeit: Es wird nicht der Bambus sein …

A long fight, but a real Warrior never gives in …

And as I am neither playing Golf nor do I go fishing … Working in the garden is for me meditation and more …

Think first, then act.

What makes you laugh?

Peter H fighting against Invasive Bamboo in his Gold Coast Garden

Just thought about Nietzsche and his sad ending – hugging a horse.

He was looking into the eyes of the horse, and he noticed some hidden sadness there.

As the horse was not able to respond, Nietzsche hugged the horse.

He knew about Body Language.

Then he fell silent for good.

Because Silence is Golden.

Music Is The Language: But Silenve is golden.

Reden ist Silber – Schweigen ist Gold.

Kindly yours from QLD in OZ

Peter and Maria Ines

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And as Music Is The Language …

Do not tell me, how the story ends!