My best Christmas wishes & greetings come from BNE Airport …

Thu 14 Dec 2023 at local time 13:36 I‘m 15 m away from Gate 80 and waiting to go on board. SIN Airline again SQ 236.

Will arrive in FRA on Friday and take the ÍCE from there to Kiel, the capital of S-H, north of Hamburg.

Went to school there until 1968.

Happy New Year and with my best wishes and kindest regards

Sincerely yours

Peter H Bloecker


This is about The Homecoming, as since 1999 I only went back to Germany in the Northern Summers.

First flight into the Northern Winter in 2023, difference at present is 50 degrees Centigrade: 30 plus in Queensland and 20 minus around the northern Alpes near Munich.

Gate 80 BNE Airport now. Credit phb
Very modern and new, love this Airport in Brisbane here | BNE | Credit phb