Backyard Burleigh QLD

Not far from Surfers’ Paradise I found this shop today in my Backyard.

With a very nice Mural at the back, these kind people in their caught my attention. Time for a chat and 5 min of Yarning.

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Artist Camille Manley | Credit phb
Mack Truck | Earth Movers | Credit phb
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More here soon about my Backyard in Burleigh QLD Australia.

My Third Life in OZ.

Updated by Author Peter H Bloecker on Wed 27 Sep 2023.

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Andrew Diggins and his Poetry | A bit of Yarning with the AUTHOR

Shark Smart | Credit phb

Fatz here to tell you a little bit about my anthology. This is a collection of poems I have put together. Some date back to when I first started to write, which was when I was 21, up until now. This is not the whole lot, there are a few I have written that are not in this collection. I would like to say that my poems can come to me at any time and that’s how all of these poems were created. I just start with a blank piece of paper, and a pen, and then all of a sudden my muse jumps on my shoulder and usually I keep writing then a second line comes then from two is three, then pretty soon I have a verse, the page is full and I am satisfied with what I have written. There is usually no effort, the words seem to jump on the paper, as if it were magic, and pretty soon I have written a poem. I write my poems as a form of therapy, when my mind is full of thoughts and feelings it is a way in which I express myself. I hope you all enjoy my writings.

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