The Voice in Australia

Pretty confusing the debate on THE VOICE in Australia at present … I am trying to get informed and find out CUI BONO & more like background Infos about Labour and Liberals and the Aboriginal Policies of the past.

It is all about the GAP between The First Nation people and white Australia and the past decades and Australian history. and other Media in Australia

Peter Dutton starts his No Campaign (WHY and what are his solutions???) and is backed by John Howard, former PM of the Liberals and the Coalitions he could form.


Marcia Langton (Public Academic and Prof. in Melbourne, born in Brisbane, QLD) has been a prominent figure in the efforts to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians for decades. She has been a vocal advocate for Indigenous rights and has worked on a range of initiatives aimed at addressing the systemic disadvantages faced by Indigenous Australians.

In 2008, Langton was appointed to the role of co-chair of the National Indigenous Council, which advised the Australian government on Indigenous policy. Langton was also involved in the development of the “Closing the Gap” strategy, which was launched in 2008 with the aim of addressing the health, education, and employment disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Langton has been a prominent VOICE in the ongoing debate around constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians, arguing that awareness and recognition are necessary to address the ongoing impact of colonization and discrimination.

Langton’s work has been focused on addressing the underlying causes of Indigenous disadvantage, and she has been a strong advocate for empowering Indigenous communities and ensuring that their perspectives and knowledge are valued and respected in decision-making processes.

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Photo from The Australian Easter 2023 | screenshot phb

Helen Trinca has written a lengthy article published in the Australian Weekend Edition Easter 2023 about the VOICE and coming referendum initiated by the present Labour Government.

The Opposition led by Peter Dutton has started its NO – campaign now, which has already started a rather dirty war on terms and words like: John Howard condemns JUDAS’ attack of PEARSON (Male Aboriginal Leader) and more …

Trying to sort all this out, I will sum up my readings and research on these issues and topics here on my BLOG.

So in short: What exactly is the VOICE in Australian policies and politics?

What information does the Australian public receive about THE VOICE before the referendum, which might fail like many others before?

Is the VOICE going to change DEMOCRACY in Australia like Peter Dutton claims?

Why is there no summary of the Calma – Langton report pages 16-19 available for the Australian people before the referendum?

How can Australians vote YES or NO without having access to relevant information before the referendum?

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Frohe Ostern von der Gold Coast in Queensland


Peter H Bloecker

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