Had to sell my Vintage 1974 BMW a few years ago, just have some photos in my archive and my memories between 1988 and 2015.

BMW | Credit phb

But glad I was able to buy myself a 2nd hand Suzuki 1000 Strom:

Good bike for the Gold Coast Hinterland & more ….You will find updates and photos from time to time ….

Kindly yours from the Gold Coast (Retired not tired)

Yours Peter H Bloecker

Credit phb

The seemingly endless Gold Coast beaches are still a miracle for me, walking there morning after morning to enjoy the early hours when waking up around 6am or so – no coffee and no bite, just walking for about 5km to my favourite Cafe at Hedges and then 5 km back, often in the house shade now in summer, getting very hot around 8am. Most people here walk their dogs around 7am before starting a busy day at work, which ends with heavy traffic after school and again before 6pm.

Heading north the M1 I cross the Brisbane River and visit the charming town of Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland for a scenic 2 or 3 day trip. Passing the awe-inspiring Glasshouse Mountains, I do enjoy the delicious local food and wine at night or drink a Pale from the TAP in the local old pubs. And if there, include Brouhaha, the Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World! Love it there …

You might wish to know where I stay if not AirBnB, I guess! Well folks, I always can visit some friends living north of Brisbane or at the Sunshine Coast or in the Hinterland of Noosa: But my tent in my backpack is 1 kg, so no worries to find a place before dark and enjoy Coolum or Noosa or the Gympie Hinterland.

Most day trips do not start before 10am and I am mostly back before 5pm – better 4pm because of the heavy traffic!


Great life for an old man after a long working life in the fields of EDUCATION and LINGUISTICS and LITERATURE …

phb | An avid reader and THE TEACHER

Day Trips Great Barrier Reef from Bundie


More infos Queensland here soon …

On the roads of NSW with Maria Ines in Jan 2023 | Credit phb
With Maria‘ s daughter Renata 49th Birthday 2 days ago | Credit phb
Maria‘ s Twins 49th Birthday on 13th Mar 2023 | Credit phb
With the Burleigh Old Boys Outriggers on Tue 14 Mar 2023 | Credit phb
Visiting Andy Warhol at HOTA in Mar 2023 | Credit phb
Andy Warhol NYCity at HOTA | Credit phb
Andy Warhol HOTA 2023 | Credit phb
Popmasters HOTA 2023 | phb

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