Silence is Golden and Music Is The Language!

Follow me on a rainy day at the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia and reflect Mother Nature and what our planet has to offer, when making the right decisions in your LIFE!

Reading and dreaming and walking and thinking, but most of all enjoy the BEAUTY of our PLANET.

Have a great Saturday in November 2022 (Summer here and ADVENT for Christian people) – All over the World.

Our Visitor | Credit phb
Knock Down | Credit phb
Restaurant | Credit phb
Burleigh Beach Gold Coast | Credit phb
December in Australia Gold Coast
Burleigh Village | Credit phb
Wild Ocean | credit phb
Burleigh Heads | Credit phb
Burleigh Beach | Credit phb
Construction | phb
Credit phb


Credit: Suzanne Mansour (SYDNEY).

Mon 05 Dec 2022 | Deck Beach House | Credit phb