Getting better baking my own rye

We started with 20 to 30% of Organic Rye Flour, this one is about 40% of Rye and 60% of Wholemeal Flour.

I am adding mixed nuts and raisins or dried figs.

I am using some hooks first with a small kitchen machine and later use my hands to form a nice dough, then one hour outside at around 26 degrees and into my pre – heated oven, max energy for about 20 to 25 minutes only. Then I turn the heat off and leave the baked bread for 10 more minutes in the hot closed oven.

2 bags of dried yeast (14 gr) and 18 gr of sea salt and 80mg warm water.

Water and yeast extra first step.

Some water while baking in the oven.

Stored in the fridge inside baking paper I keep the baked bread for about 2 weeks and always toast the cut slices.

Very good with salted butter and honey and almonds on top in the morning with coffee.

Lunch or evening with cheese and Leberwurst – the one from ALDI is good.

Enjoy and kind greetings from Maria and myself from the Gold Coast


Peter | phb | @peblogger


More on Youtube and King Arthur Company USA

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