Climate Change And How To Avoid A Disaster

Just finished reading Bill Gates: How To Avoid A Climate Disaster – simply written in style and easy to understand his key message … it is all about Government Policies and the citizens of the world to follow and understand what is at stake!

First step should be to get informed – only when we know about this threat and challenge we can discuss and join the discourse, which I find essential.

The worldwide demonstrations of the young generation was only the beginning – the Paris agreement / now with the US support again and Donald Trump gone / still stands …

Key issues are not only personal attitudes and decisions like buying a new eCar or start walking and sell your car or change to car sharing … but also Government Policies and elections / the simplest message GO GREEN and get informed about party programs and their intentions.

Another way of looking at the matter are the NON GOV INSTITUTIONS and the mobilisation of citizens all over the world.

Here as an example only …


You will find an English Summary on this German Website as well.

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