Rainy Sat in QLD Gold Coast

Just back from my 10km Beach Walk along Miami Beach, just a few surfers and people walking their dogs … credit phb Sylt Feeling like the North Sea, however warm and pleasant after the summer, still 25 degrees C here …but cloudy and we are expecting more rainfall. With best wishes yours phb Burleigh Old Boys | phbLINK My Beach Walks Miami Gold Coast Queensland, Australia

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World War II Comes to Brisbane

Australia followed Britain into war against Germany when World War II began on 1 September 1939, but it was not until Japan bombed the US Pacific …World War II Comes to Brisbane Follow the Blog of Historian Peter Ludlow here … He knows the Moreton Bay of Brisbane very well and loves Moreton Island as much as I do. Always good to go back there for a few days and explore the history around. Like the Lighthouse Walk. Awesome … Thank you again, Peter Ludlow, sharing this with us. Best from QLD yours phb

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