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Just reading this novel written by T C Boyle and on Sam and Aimee in California and the Prof of Linguistics Guy Schermerhorn.

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T.C. Boyle is a highly respected and widely read author in Germany, where he has a large and dedicated fan base. While the label “hipster” may be somewhat subjective, it’s true that Boyle is known for his distinctive style, both in his writing and his personal appearance. He often wears fedoras and colorful shirts, and his author photos feature him with a signature mustache and piercing gaze. This has helped to cultivate a certain “cool” image around him, which may contribute to his popularity with younger readers and fans of alternative culture. That being said, Boyle’s appeal in Germany extends far beyond any particular demographic or cultural scene. He is widely regarded as a masterful storyteller with a unique voice and vision, and his work has been translated into many languages and studied in universities around the world.

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T.C. Boyle is a professor of literature at the University of Southern California. He is known for his works that explore themes such as environmentalism, consumerism, and the human condition. His writing style is often described as darkly humorous and satirical.

Boyle’s works have been translated into many languages, including German. In Germany, he has received critical acclaim for his works. His novel “The Tortilla Curtain” was awarded the “Prix Médicis étranger” in France and the “Premio Grinzane Cavour” in Italy ¹.

Long ago I read in my classes The Tortilla Curtain and since then I have followed the Author T C Boyle.

In Germany, when invited to read, he is one of the most known VIP US living Authors flying in from California and received as an iconic Pop Star, and he enjoys his reputation very much, as far as I can see …

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T C Boyle is one of the most prolific and versatile American writers of our time. He has published 19 novels and more than 150 short stories, exploring various themes, genres, and historical periods with wit, humor, and imagination. He is also a recipient of several prestigious awards, including the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction and the PEN/Malamud Award for Short Story. Today I will provide a brief overview of his life, his literary characteristics, and his major works with the help of Open AI / BING Search plus Chat.

Boyle was born as Thomas John Boyle in Peekskill, New York, in 1948. He changed his middle name to Coraghessan when he was 17, after an ancestor of his mother. He grew up in a working-class family, with his father being a janitor and bus driver, and his mother being a secretary. He was not exposed to many books at home, but he developed a passion for reading and writing at an early age. He also had a musical talent and played in several bands during his youth.

He attended the State University of New York at Potsdam, where he majored in English and History. He then went on to study at the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where he earned his M.F.A. and Ph.D. degrees. He published his first short story, “The OD and Hepatitis Railroad or Bust”, in 1972, and his first collection of short stories, The Descent of Man, in 1979. He also published his first novel, Water Music, in 1981, which was a historical adventure set in Africa.

Boyle’s literary style is characterized by his use of satire, irony, humor, and magical realism. He often depicts the absurdity and hypocrisy of human society, as well as the conflict between nature and civilization. He also experiments with different genres and forms, such as comic novels, historical fiction, science fiction, horror, and crime. He draws inspiration from various sources, such as history, science, art, music, pop culture, and current events.

Some of his most acclaimed novels include World’s End (1987), which won the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction and traces 300 years of history in upstate New York; The Road to Wellville (1993), which is a satire on health fads and cults in the early 20th century; The Tortilla Curtain (1995), which won the Prix Médicis Étranger and deals with the issue of illegal immigration and social class in California; Drop City (2003), which is a novel about a hippie commune in Alaska; The Inner Circle (2004), which is a fictionalized account of the life and work of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey; The Women (2009), which is a biographical novel about the wives of architect Frank Lloyd Wright; The Terranauts (2016), which is a novel about a group of scientists living in a sealed biosphere; and Outside Looking In (2019), which is a novel about the psychedelic experiments of psychologist Timothy Leary.

Boyle has also published 11 collections of short stories, such as Greasy Lake (1985), If the River Was Whiskey (1989), Without a Hero (1994), T.C. Boyle Stories (1998), After the Plague (2001), Tooth and Claw (2005), Wild Child (2010), T.C. Boyle Stories II (2013), The Relive Box (2017), The Fugitives (2020), and Talk Talk (2021). His short stories often appear in major magazines such as The New Yorker, Harper’s, Esquire, The Atlantic Monthly, and Playboy.

Boyle currently lives in Montecito near Santa Barbara, California. He is married to Karen Kvashay and has three children. He is also a Distinguished Professor of English at the University of Southern California. On his Twitter account he posts cats and dogs and more and mentions his wife as well: Frau Boyle … (German).

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