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Why this site here?

As I am still teaching German Online, some of my students have asked me:

How can I improve my English? Well, there are many ways, and obviously you might have to find a teacher or book a course. However, there are Self Learning Adult Concepts as well! If you are a highly motivated self learner, this means independent and autonomous, you may follow me via this site and then contact me.

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Rich: The Word Field and Minefield of Meaning and the background, cultural and intercultural. And a bit of history as well.

How to become rich, is one of the questions, young people all over the world ask their educators.

My way of answering usually was: What are you interested in and why do you ask this question?

When clarified after a few minutes, I found a way to continue my lessons, but gave my students the idea that I would come back to what they wanted to know in my own way.

Rich in knowledge …

Rich in experience …

Happy wife and happy life …

Many children …

Read about My Father JDB – at the Russian Front in the Ukraine in 1944

First Chapter

Wise old men and their knowledge and heritage … like Lessing: Nathan The Wise & The Ring Parable …

The centrepiece of the drama is the “Ring Parable”, narrated by Nathan when asked by Saladin which religion is true: an heirloom ring with the magical ability to render its owner pleasing in the eyes of God and mankind had been passed down from father to son. For generations, each father had bequeathed the ring to the son he loved most. When it came to a father with three sons whom he loved equally, he promised it (in “pious weakness”) to each of them. Looking for a way to keep his promise, he had two replicas made, which were indistinguishable from the original, and gave on his deathbed a ring to each of them.
The brothers quarrelled – of course – over who owned the real ring. A wise judge admonished them that it was impossible to tell at that time – that it even could not be discounted that all three rings were replicas, the original one having been lost at some point in the past.

To cut it short, to find out whether one of them had the real ring it was up to them to live in such a way that their ring’s powers could be proven true, to live a life that is pleasant in the eyes of God and mankind rather than expecting the ring’s miraculous powers to do so. Nathan compares this to religion, saying that each of us lives by the religion we have learned from those we respect.

And today, I wish to add: You can live with our without religion and with or without God, however it is a wise decision to live your life as if he was there, indeed. (You never know for sure, until you stand in front of him …)

Second Chapter

Rich women and wisdom …

If you are not born into a very rich family in a First World country like the USA or Denmark or Sweden, the easiest way would be to marry a very rich wise woman!

But do not ask me HOW!

Pls make a decision as well if you wish to be rich or very rich or filthy rich …

Money amounts are relative, and your greed can eat it all up …

Study Maths and numbers and the laws of economy and learn many languages, codes if you like as well, but two languages are essential for the years to come.

My languages are German and English, eight years of Latin and 5 years of French.

Voila …Off we go …

More to come soon …and via Youtube Outcast Motivation

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This site is under construction and will be updated soon … written in English, but thought in German.

Pls bookmark and come back according to your needs and interests.

Homework to get the basics:
Just key into Google Search

Word Field Rich in Thesaurus

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Do you need a lot of money to feel happy?

What is life about, anyway?

Are we blind or blinded on one eye or on both eyes?

Why study at all, if I can become rich within weeks?

Do I have to know a lot, and if so, what exactly?

Who do I follow and why?

What is an influencer?

Some of them have stated at the age of 40 or older: Had I known when 18 years old what I know now, I would have made completely different decisions about my life like

What subjects to study or where to work and which company to choose and what people to work with.

These people forget that young people live in a different world than adults. They find different things relevant. And looking back does not help very much! No regrets has become one of my favourite slogans in life!

And young people since Plato and Sokrates have gone their own way anyway, no matter what parents or teachers or other adults have told them to do.

They even have the right to not understand … And find out what is good for them.

Just imagine what society thought and told young women in 1749 – the year Goethe was born in Frankfurt in Germany – how to behave and what to do in life … even reading was thought to be bad, not good for young women.

If people tell you we are all doomed anyway, for many reasons, do not trust them! What are their arguments and why do they state this? What are their intentions?

Cui bono (Latin) has become one of my key questions, when reading a text or a statement or an opinion.

Check out the meaning for yourself.

Read my text: Why Learn Latin

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More to come soon …

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Nota Bene

„It‘s only when the tide goes out, we find out who‘s swimming naked.“

Wo beginnt Armut?

Die Mittelschicht vor dem Abstieg zu bewahren, ist derzeit eines der wichtigsten Ziele der Regierung. Doch das ist gefährlich, denn eine Politik, die sich zu sehr auf einen Teil der Gesellschaft konzentriert, verfestigt die soziale Ungleichheit. Das Bürgergeld allein wird das nicht ändern.:

Was ist Stallgeruch?