The JWST has several scientific objectives, including:

  • Studying the birth and evolution of galaxies ³.

  • Investigating the formation and evolution of stars and planetary systems ³⁵.

  • Searching for the building blocks of life in the universe ³.

  • Observing exoplanets and searching for signs of life on them ³.

The JWST’s high-resolution and high-sensitivity instruments allow it to view objects too old, distant, or faint for the Hubble Space Telescope ⁵. It is designed to study every phase of cosmic history, from within our solar system to the most distant observable galaxies in the early universe ³. The JWST is set to launch on December 22, 2021 ¹⁵.


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The JWST will search for signs of life on exoplanets by analyzing the composition of their atmospheres. When an exoplanet passes in front of its star, sunlight passes through its atmosphere and could be picked up by the JWST. Spectroscopy would then be used to discover which wavelengths are missing from the light. This method, called transit spectroscopy, would provide a menu of gases and chemicals in the skies of these worlds, including those linked to life ¹². The JWST is set to launch on December 22, 2021 ¹².


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