Selected impressions from a great trip back home in the summer of 2018.

This was one of the best summers I have ever experienced in Germany …

Thank you to my family in Australia and in Germany and all my friends for some wonderful weeks full of joy and fun and some great conversations … I feel very grateful and humbled to be able to spend my time with you and meet again and catch up!

Such a great and wonderful experience – thank you again to all of you!!!

yours from Burleigh Waters in Queensland


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Kiel in June 2018

Berlin – as good as ever …

Hanover Castle Herrenhausen

Living in the country … north of Berlin

Quedlinburg – Harz Mountains

Near Laboe in Kiel

Village church

View of Luebeck City: Photo Credit Jens Bloecker

Wanderlust …

Dome of Aachen

Corn field close to the river Elbe

Hiking with Harald

Castle of Herrenhausen in Hanover

Living in the country – summer evening July 2018

Finally back home at the Gold Coast with Maria Ines …both very happy.